Hobson Valley Animal Clinic

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Larissa graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University in wildlife management.  She has been working fulltime  at Hobson Valley Animal Clinic since 1995.  This may seem like a long time but is actually even longer if you consider that Larissa actually started working for us while she attended high school.  

With 20+ years of experience, Larissa is our top technician. Besides her duties as a technician, Larissa is invaluable as the clinic's  manager.  Drs. Mary and Tom like to think they are in charge but really let's get serious.

Larissa is the go to person at the clinic and if she doesn't know where something is,we don't expect to find it.  Larissa's favorite aspect of being a technician is being able to work with animals every day. 

Larissa lives with a grey DSH named Ripple (named after the Grateful Dead song). Larissa describes her unique  cat as curious, adventurous and insane. Fellow technicians describe Ripple as lucky to continue living with Larissa (as opposed to living in Larissa's back yard.)



Lisa graduated from Western Illinois University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  After graduation, Lisa pursued her interest in marine mammals and dolphin training by interning at the Shedd Aquarium and Brookfield Zoo.

Lisa has been a technician here at Hobson Valley since August 2007.  Her favorite part of the job is interacting with the patients.  She is also very interested in radiology and ultra sound imaging.

These days, Lisa uses her dolphin training experience on her border collie, Indiana.  Indy is a frequent visitor at Hobson Valley. 

Lisa's interest in veterinary medicine started years ago when her family brought their pets to Hobson Valley.



Laura has always had a love for animals.  After high school Laura taught gymnastics and tumbling but eventually enrolled at the College Of DuPage where she completed the Veterinary Assistant Program and obtained her Certificate.  She finished with a grade of 95% and had never been more proud of herself. Laura was already being a long term client when she applied for employment here.

Laura has been working here at Hobson Valley since January 2013.  Her favorite aspect of the job is getting to know our clients and their pets on a personal level.  It is important to Laura that clients know we care about them as much as we care about their pets.  Animal behavior is a special interest.

Laura is a proud owner of seven, yes seven, cats.  All were rescued from one place or another over the years.  Clover, Nala, Mowie and Cayuga reside with her parents and Shelby, Sox and Shadow live with her.  All seven have their own personalities and she wouldn't have it any other way.

In September of 2015, Laura expanded her horizons and adopted a dog! Yes, a rescue pit bull named Dexter who was in need of a good home.



Torrie attended the College of DuPage where she majored in vocal performance. After COD, she enrolled in the veterinary technology program at Fox College.   After Fox College, Torrie took additional online classes at the Animal Behavior College.

Torrie started here at Hobson Valley Animal Clinic in May of 2014.  She quickly added on the job practical experience to her class room technician skills to become an invaluable member of our staff.

Besides collecting discarded pets (3 dogs, 2 cats-Astro, Rufus, Cowboy, Shilo and Clover), Torrie enjoys singing (not just singing in the shower-she will sing at wedding ceremonies when not at Hobson Valley). Her family is also extremely important to her.

Torrie’s favorite aspects of being a technician is helping animals and interacting with clients.  Her strong points are animal handling and her constant attentiveness to what is going on and what needs to be done.  Besides that, her fellow associates at Hobson Valley look forward to when she decides with no warning to burst into song.


Mary Helen

Mary Helen came to Hobson Valley in August of 2015 with past experience as a dog handler at a local doggie day care center.  She grew up in Westmont with 5 other siblings. Mary Helen attended Benedictine University, majoring in communications.

Mary Helen lives with a large cat suspected to be half Maine Coon cat answering to the name of Kaiju (monster in Japanese).  Kaiju was lucky to be rescued by Mary Helen as a kitten.  Kaiju is actually related to Larissa's trouble maker, Ripple. They have the same mother who is lives near and receives welfare from a local body shop. 

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to Mary Helen.  As sweet as she appears, her opponents in Muay Thai (Thai kick boxing) probably think otherwise.  Besides practicing martial arts, she previously wrestled in Junior High and High school. Mary Helen feels her wrestling and martial arts background taught her discipline and respect (not intimidation.)

Mary Helen finds her position as a technician to be fulfilling when sick animals can be nursed back to health, especially exciting are critically sick cases.  Mary Helen feels her strengths are in restraint and handling of cats and dogs, but she actually is best at keeping anxious pets calm and relaxed so less restraint is needed.

Fellow technicians enjoy working with Mary Helen because she is hard working and easy going.  They also enjoy seeing her face book posts of her new makeup and hair styles along with posts of her new bruises and bumps from kick boxing practice.  (Kiai ya!)